Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Review: Collective Soul - Rabbit

Since I first heard "December" back in 1995, Collective Soul has been my favorite band. I didn't realize at the time that post-grunge bands like them were anathema to rock critics and were supposed to just go away. Without knowing that information, I became sucked into their hook laden, big guitar sound.

As I got older and my tastes in music started to grow, Collective Soul's music started to change as well. Their songs started to become more electronic and then more poppy. Some of the songs were still catchy, 2007's Afterwords was their worst and most generic album. The lead single was the theme to last year's American Idol, "Hollywood." The album was filled with mid-tempo songs that sound like something my mom would listen to. When I found out they had a new album coming out this year, I was not hopeful. While I would gladly see them live and listen to their back catalog, I was seriously considering making this the first Collective Soul album I had never owned.

Luckily, I decided to go for it and give them another shot. Rabbit is easily their best and most consistent album in well over a decade. While it still leans towards adult alternative, like with the lead single "Staring Down," this album features what Collective Soul has always done best, write and play catchy rock songs. Every track has a chorus and melody that are easy to get sucked in by. "My Days" is a big rock song that sounds alot like their older material and is easily one of their best songs yet. In general, Rabbit is a perfect summertime album; it is a lot of fun to listen and sing along to and sounds like a sunny day (as stupid as that sounds).

With this album, Collective Soul reassured me. Rabbit managed to remind me what I have always enjoyed about them. Typically when I review something, I tend to ramble on and on but I'm going to keep this short, as there really isn't a lot to say. Anyone who has ever been a fan of Collective Soul or the 90s rock scene should buy this immediately.

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