Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lo-Fi Predictions for UFC 114

I'm typing this while I'm at work right now, so I can't include links, bold face type, different size text or anything like that. I have to use a website called just to get to use Blogspot. I still wanted to get in some predictions for tonite's UFC 114 before the show begins at 10 pm EST. The card has a super main event and a lot of other big names on the card, but they aren't fighting any other big names.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (30-7) vs. "Suga" Rashad Evans (19-1-1)
This is the match that the UFC has been hyping since last fall's Ultimate Fighter. It was supposed to happen at December's UFC 107, but Rampage pulled out to play B.A. Baracus in the upcoming A-Team movie. If you know anything about the UFC or have seen a commercial for the pay per view, you know that these two have engaged in a legendary war of words for the past year and a half. Rampage hasn't fought since January 2009 and came in to his training at 251 pounds, meaning he cut 46 pounds in the last three months. Rashad trains all year round and is coming off a lackluster decision win over Thiago Silva at UFC 108 this past January. Coming into this fight, I would say that Rashad has the advantage in speed and conditioning while Rampage has a size, strength and striking advantage, as well as having a jaw made of granite. You need to unload on Rampage in a way that is considered felony assault to drop him. Rashad doesn't have that kind of jaw, as witnessed by his destruction at the hands of Lyoto Machida. If Rashad can push the pace and can take Rampage down to the ground, he will win the fight. If they stand and trade punches, Rampage should be able to put him down like he's Old Yeller. I WANT Rampage by KO since I can't stand Evans as a personality or as a fighter. However, Rampage could have quite a bit of rust. The longer it stays standing, the more likely Rampage wins, but I THINK that EVANS will win by DECISION.

Michael "The Count" Bisping (19-3) vs. Dan Miller
Miller is dealing with a lot of personal strife, having a baby die at birth before one of his most recent fights and another who as just born that is in very poor health. I can't imagine his heart and mind are 100% into fighting right now, and understandably so. Bisping is coming off a tough, but domintating decision loss to Wanderlei Silva back in February. I like Bisping, I think he works hard and gets a bad rap from a lot of people because of his personality. He has solid boxing and wrestling and decent ground and pound. He doesn't have too much power, but the dude tries real hard and I appreciate that. I don't know much about Miller and I've never seen him fight, but I hear he has some good jiu-jitsu and mediocre striking. Miller probably deserves a win for all the shit he is going through, but Bisping is a pretty good fighter and one of the better fighters in the middleweight division. I think BISPING wins by DECISION.

Todd Duffee (6-0) vs. Mike Russow (12-1)
Duffee is coming off a record setting six second KO victory in his last fight and is a highly touted, very athletic heavyweight prospect. The hype train around him is huge right now. Mike Russow is coming off a decision win back in August over fellow journeyman heavyweight Justin McCully. I've never seen either of them fight before, but at the weigh ins last nite Russow looked pretty fat and wore a t-shirt as he was weighed, never a good sign. We'll go with DUFFEE by KO.

Antonio Rogerio "Minotauro" Nogueira (18-3) vs. Jason "Hitman" Brilz (18-2-1)
Don't let the similar records fool you; Lil Nog is a beast who has been in some epic wars in his 21 fights. Brilz is a middle of the road journeyman fighter with no significant wins. This was originally supposed to be Nogueira vs. Forrest Griffin as the co-main for this, but Forrest pulled out with an injury and Brilz is replacing him on two weeks notice. Nog is a badass who has great boxing and jiu jitsu and has had a monster fight with current LHW champ Shogun Rua, a submission win over Dan Henderson, and a win over current Strikeforce HW champ Alistair Overeem. While an upset could happen, I think NOGUEIRA wins BY KO or SUBMISSION.

Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez (23-3) vs. John "The Hitman" Hathaway (13-0)
This is Sanchez's return to welterweight after getting annihilated by BJ Penn in a fight for the lightweight title. Diego is known for his relentless cardio and energy, as well as solid wrestling, striking, and ground and pound. Hathaway is of a similar mould as a fighter, but not really known for the cardio and energy. I don't really know Hathaway that well to make any real picks on this fight. I do think it will go all three rounds and I'll go with SANCHEZ by DECISION.

I'll check in this week after the ppv with my thoughts and how well I did with my predictions. Peace.

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