Monday, February 28, 2011

Greatest Rolling Stones Songs, 100-91

This is my first update to this blog since October of 2010.  Since then, a lot of shit has gone down.  I decided (again) that I am going to try to update this more often.  I usually have too many things that I wanna put here, but I don't want everything to get bogged down with basketball stories or MMA pieces.  So, with the help of my brother, we have a new blog site devoted to MMA, the NBA, and the occasional wrestling story: Black Belt Basketball.  That can be accessed here.

With all that stuff going to the new blog, what can be found here?  Politics occasionally, if I can write about that stuff without my head exploding.  Movie reviews, album reviews most likely.  More lists, like the unfinished top 50 manliest dudes alive.  I'll most likely finish that, as the list was completed well before I began to type it up in this blog, but I decided I was tired of that.  Instead, there will be another list.

As of right now, I am reading Keith Richards' autobiography, Life.  In honor of that, I decided to compile a list of the top 100 Rolling Stones songs.  They are ranked in descending order.  I'm going to keep the entries short, so as to finish this list and move on.  I'll note what album they can be found on, year recorded, why its a great song.  So without further ado, let's get it started.

100.) Baby, Break it Down: 1994, Voodoo Lounge: This is a fairly underrated album and this song is a hidden gem.  A good midtempo blues melody and a pretty good vocal track from Jagger.  After the dreck of the 80s, the Stones get back to basics and it works.

99.) Gotta Get Away: 1965, Out of Our Heads (UK), December's Children (USA): A good Motown meets early Stones blues rock song.  Love the distortion on the guitar and Jagger's vocals.  Was very tempted to rank it higher.

98.) Blinded By Rainbows: 1994, Voodoo Lounge: A ballad, very heavy on religious imagery.  I've always loved Jagger's vocals on this and the band settles into a nice slow melody.

97.) She Said Yeah: 1965, Out of Your Heads (UK), December's Children (USA): A very short rocker from the early days, it is also a cover of a rockabilly song performed by Larry Williams.  A pretty cool song while it lasts.

96.) Casino Boogie: 1972, Exile on Main Street: A midtempo Delta blues number.  Keith and Mick do a pretty sweet job harmonizing throughout this one and Bobby Keys lays down some nasty sax on it.

95.) Dancing With Mr. D: 1973, Goats Head Soup: A rocker off the forgotten follow-up to Exile.  Vintage Keith riff, but also pretty 70s glam.  Don't love Jagger's vocals on it, but the band is grooving in a way that only the Stones at their best can do.

94.) Saint of Me: 1997, Bridges to Babylon: I always enjoyed the lyrics, but I don't love Jagger's vocals on the studio version.  Live versions are much better.  Also, don't like the fact there's no Keith on this.  Still, it is a pretty good song,

93.) Route 66: 1964, England's Newest Hitmakers: A cover song off their first LP.  A good rhythm and blues number, and a lot of energy from the band.

92.) Dance Little Sister: 1974, It's Only Rock 'n Roll: Very much a Chuck Berry influenced number, the band rocks a pretty tight groove.  One of the last rockers in this vein that the Stones do for quite some time.

91.) Hot Stuff: 1976, Black and Blue: A hard one to describe.  A weird disco/funk jam with some pretty nasty lead guitar from some dude named Harvey Mandel.  Jagger's vocals and lyrics are a bit strange, but the groove to this song is pretty sick.  Sounds like no other Stones song in their catalog.

I'll be checking in with numbers 90-81 very soon.  Like next 24 hours.

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