Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Greatest Rolling Stones Songs, 90-81

Welcome back to the next installment in the 100 greatest Rolling Stones songs.  I know I said that this part would be up within 24 hours of the last, but a shitty meeting at my shitty job blocked that from happening.  That, and dinner, and a trip to the gym.  But with that being said, let's get down to brass tacks and keep this going.

90.) The Worst: 1994, Voodoo Lounge:  An acoustic Keith ballad.  Very much a jazz/country style tune, if that makes sense.

89.) Look What The Cat Dragged In: 2005, A Bigger Bang:  From their most recent album, the riff reminds me of the INXS song "Need You Tonight."  A pretty uptempo song where Mick mocks someone for getting wasted.  The irony is incredible.

88.) Rough Justice: 2005, A Bigger Bang:  The lead single off the album.  It sounds a lot like "Brown Sugar" and the lyrics are a little silly, but it showed that the band could still rock.

87.) Connection: 1966, Between the Buttons: Keith's earliest lead vocal performance with the band.  Reminiscent of a Buddy Holly tune.  Keith actually does a better job of it on his solo album with the X-Pensive Winos.

86.) Oh No Not You Again: 2005, A Bigger Bang:  Another rocker off this album.  Features the great lyric: Everybody's talking/Showing off their wits/The moon is yellow/My eyes are Jello/Staring down your tits

85.) Suck On The Jugular: 1994, Voodoo Lounge:  A tasty little funk jam, with some sweet backup vocals from Lisa Fischer.  The song doesn't really go anywhere, but I dig the groove and the vocals.

84.) Crackin' Up: 1977, Love You Live:  The only song taken off a live album, it is an old blues cover.  Great energy, great performance.

83.) Short and Curlies: 1974, It's Only Rock 'n Roll:  A mid-tempo boogie woogie song about a woman who has control of a man.  It's a fun little sing-a-long.

82.) Star Star: 1973, Goats Head Soup:  Better known as "Starfucker,"  it has a Chuck Berry riff and lyrics making fun of Hollywood society.  Live versions used to feature a giant inflatable penis onstage behind Jagger.

81.)  She Was Hot: 1983, Undercover: Probably the only song on the list from this album.  A good little rocker about a hot chick (obviously).  One of the better songs from the Stones in the 1980s.  It sounds awesome on the Shine A Light soundtrack.

That's it until tomorrow.

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